It looks like the first batch of paper checks has arrived!!! We are offering our check cashing services on them at 3% if you need. Others have already received direct deposits. Please be patient if you haven't received yours yet, this is only the first batch.

Please be very careful out there, a lot of scams trying to get your personal information to possibly file fraudulent tax returns or commit other forms of ID theft. You should always be careful with who you give out your SSN, Childrens SSNs, Bank account and ID numbers/images, home addresses etc.

Check out these common scams:




IRS Portal
The first batch of checks has been scheduled for April 24th.

Based on the IRS press release this should be for all people under $20,000 income.

If you get this message when logging into the "Where's my payment" portal then you can no loger switch to direct deposit.

People with more than $20,000 in income can still change their Direct Deposit info. We believe that people who make less than $40,000 will find themselves locked into a May 1st check mailing by Saturday the 25th.

4/15/20 The IRS Portal to update your Direct Deposit information is open.


You will need:

1. SSN
2. Date of Birth
3. Address EXACTLY as written on your tax return
4. Refund amount (1040 line 21a)
5. AGI (Line 8b on form 1040 for 2019, Line 7 on form 1040 for 2018)
6. Bank routing and account number

You will only get three attempts a day to login.
We are here to assist you if you require it.

4/10/20 5:00PM

Just a few reminders before we discuss the stimulus checks:
1. We remain open to distribute/mail the last few checks, and process tax returns.
2. We have both remote tax prep with our App, and car-side assistance available, and when necessary have low risk in office appointments available as well.
3. We are still buying Jewelry, gold, Diamonds, silver and Gift cards (all carside).
4. For those of you receiving checks from the Fed government. We will be offering check cashing services at a reduced 3% fee.
5. Our hours remain the same SO FAR, please call before coming in, just in case, we must maintain flexibility for our overstretched staff’s personal and family needs too.

Economic Impact Payments ( EIP AKA Stimulus checks)

First of all: See if you qualify for unemployment, there are special provisions for people who are partially employed, Self employed, Independent Contractors, Gig workers all may qualify.

Some people who’s unemployment has already ended may be able to re-apply, go to www.Unemployment.ohio.gov to determine if you qualify. Note Self employed/gig/independent contract individuals likely will be denied until mid May but it's important to “get your foot in the door” to establish your starting week.

How do I update my Info with the IRS:


If you already filed:
the tool on the right (not yet released but promised soon) will allow you to get signed up for Direct deposit, and tells you how to update your address with IRS.

If you already filed DO NOT enter your information under the “Non-Filers” section on the left.

How will I receive my payment?

1. If you did your taxes through TaxCheck or another tax preparer, and you got a physical check, the current consensus (not final rule) is you will get a check directly from the IRS. We at Tax Check suggest you change to direct deposit using the instructions below

2. If you did your taxes through TaxCheck or another tax preparer, and you got Direct Deposit, the current consensus (not final rule) is the bank will give your Account info to the IRS and you should get a Direct deposit directly from the IRS. If you no longer have the account you must change your account with the instructions below

3. If Republic bank receives any EIP/stimulus funds, they will get them to you in the same manner as you got your refund. (they will likely mail the checks directly instead of having us print them and hand them out)

Help!!, I moved, can I change my address or can I change the method of payment to direct deposit, or I changed banks, can I change the Direct deposit account numbers?

1. Not only will you be able to but we HIGHLY SUGGEST you do: the tool soon to be released at
to change that to Direct deposit, there are also instructions to change address if direct deposit doesn’t work for you.

Please be patient while waiting for the IRS to release this tool, any updates regarding this tool will be posted there.

2. We highly suggest you only give an account IN YOUR OWN NAME , because you don’t want your funds under someone else’s control, and banks/the IRS are known sometimes to cancel direct deposits if the Name on the account doesn’t match the name the IRS has.

3. If you do not have a bank account we suggest you go to a local bank and establish one, Citizens bank in Liberty Twp. Has very attractive personal accounts that have no fees if you get electronic statements. Alternatively sign up for a prepaid debit card with free ATM Access. Wal-Mart’s Moneycard can be applied for online, along with some low fee American express serve branded cards at www.Serve.com . Please be sure to understand all the fees associated with any bank account/prepaid card you choose.

I think my payment was misrouted:

You will receive a letter at the address you last filed your taxes which explains where the payment went approximately 2 weeks after it was sent, if you receive this letter and you did not get your payment as it states, call us to assist.

How much will I get:

1. Based on your most recent filed tax return 2019 or 2018, you (and your spouse) will each get up to $1200. The payments phase out above $75,000.

2. For each child 16 or under you will get an additional $500.

3. Unfortunately any young adult between 17 and 24 who was claimed or COULD BE CLAIMED (IE students, even with their own jobs) should/will not receive any payments as the law was written.

Someone I know doesn’t file taxes, do they qualify?

1. Yes, most likely, there is no minimum income restriction, as long as they don’t fall in the category of “could be claimed as dependant by another”.

2. Social security retirement/disability recipients need do nothing more, they will receive their payment in the same way they receive their social security payments.

3. That leaves a large group of “other non filers” people who either didn’t feel the refund was worth filing, or even had $0 income who still qualify for payment, but if they didn’t file in 18 or 19 won’t get one. Reference them to us if they need tax preparation, we are offering options as low as $50 for simpler returns with very low refund amounts, but if they do not have a refund sufficient to justify our fee they can sign up directly at


under the “Non-Filer’s: Enter your payment info here.”

When will I receive my payment?

1. Direct deposits are supposedly starting today, the bulk to go out during the week after Easter.

2. Checks: for those whose yearly income is below $10,000 checks to be sent around April 24th, <$20k income May 1st, <$40k income May 15th and proceeding to higher incomes after that. These are expected dates for checks to be in the mail, it will require time for the mail to arrive. We highly suggest you attempt to sign up for direct deposit, see the instructions above.